Curators of the New Zealand Wedding Industry


We've been keeping busy this first quarter of 2022 building digital foundations for you (our lovers and vendor communities) to achieve our collective mission of curating and evolving the New Zealand Wedding Industry!  We are so excited to finally reveal that our NZWS web app is currently under construction!  The countdown is on for our launch party July 2022 + you are all invited!

Why we Exist

Our experience in finding wedding professionals, professional development AND personal development all in one place for New Zealand / Aotearoa didn't exist. So we founded NZWS with the intention of building a community for wedding professionals; supporting each other through inspiration, resources and authenticity.

Our collective vision and mission is to curate and evolve the New Zealand Wedding Industry, through ceremony, weddings and connection between couples. 

We know we can't do this alone, and nor do we want to... it's important to us to keep community over competition, so that we are all celebrating success!

Our Intentions

Initially, we are a New Zealand Wedding Directory, servicing Cape Reinga to Wellington; Takaka to Stewart Island. Allowing our couples to easily plan their significant day in New Zealand / Aotearoa by locating all wedding professionals on one website.

Awaiting our couples we are yet to meet, who are dreaming and planning from countries apart until the borders re-open and those who are local and eloping - because love no longer waits.

Our intention is to hold space for all wedding professionals in our online NZWS community.  You are so welcome here!

Your Community

We are all in this TOGETHER! Naturally, we feel it is equally important to hold space for our couples; providing them our wedding directory and a safe community to discuss, connect and plan their significant day however that looks for them – DIY or professionally planned.

Our website is a work in progress with our focus area for 2022 being our web app! We have grand ideas and are full of inspiration for how we build within the digital era of business, our website and community over the next couple years  - and can only hope that you are willing to be part of the success!
We know this is just the beginning and are beyond excited that how we contribute positively, impacts every one of us in the Wedding Industry, our Couples and the New Zealand tourism / economy (post-COVID).

We are the curators of the New Zealand Wedding Industry.